Fear Hair fall NO MORE! As DESSANGE Pakistan brings you a specialized treatment to control Hair fall; The Essential Care Hair Spa with 10 minerals. This care gives weakened hair strength, tone and vitality. An extended therapy involving various treatments using world renowned products by PHYTODESS that balances the scalps and enhances the beauty of your hair

The Essential hair Spa is a ritual of exceptional hair care beauty which merges all the expertise in a moment of pleasure and unique well-being. For each client, a complete diagnostic is performed allowing us to offer a personnalized care that responds fully to the specifc needs of your hair. This hair care goes far beyond ordinary beauty experience. The sensual appeal of textures, the refnement of the perfumes, the delicacy of the gestures provide moments of well-being and pleasure which contribute to the beauty of the hair. Experience Essential Hair Spa that effectively controls Hair Loss, balances the scalps and revitalize hair growth

Dessange Anti-Hair Fall Treatment for men is a 7-Step Advanced formula. It provides strength and nutrients to your hair and scalps to immediately control hair fall and boost growth.

Meet Anna, who came to Dessange Pakistan fot Anti-Hair-Fall Spa. See how she enjoys the spa treatments and protocols while your hair regains the strength they need to grow strong and healthy.

Dessange Hair Spa is a miraculous and relaxing treatment that comes with a lot of benefits. Watch Aden Rehan’s experience at Dessange Pakistan.

Forget painful procedures. Dessange Essential Hairspa is an effective treatment to deal with all your hair issues from hair loss to imbalanced scalps that could affect the texture and strength of hair. A non-invasive 7-step advanced solution designed in Paris using Phytodess products with natural ingredients. Opt fo Essential Hairspa service for visibal changes.

7 Step Advance Anti-Hair-Fall Treament

  • 1. Spray with 10 mineral - revitalise thin hair

  • 2. Clay Serum - Destress, and revive the scalps

  • 3. Precious Clay Mask - Balance Damaged Scalps

  • 4. Massage up till shoulder - relaxation and absorption

  • 5. Anti-Hair-Fall Shampoo - Fortifying and Hair Fall Control

  • 6. Densiphyl Spray - Fortifying anti-Hair Loss Concentrate

  • 7. Hair Dry